The long and paradoxical history of corporate governance in Britain

 03 December 2016

Politicians have threatened to clamp down on business behaviour and boardroom pay for decades

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Do you want to hand your money to super-algo or a Swiss banker?

 28 November 2016

 Switzerland has a world-beating position in cross-border investing: its finance industry last year managed SFr6.6tn of assets on behalf of institutions, companies and the rich.

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Beware the 'Hunger Games' model for hunting new CEOs

 20 November 2016

 The Hunger Games, the do-or-die series of teenage films, may be a model for corporate succession planning, according to some of Britain's top business leaders - but it should not be tolerated.

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A secular trend away from public markets

 16 November 2016

 The company that is changing driving owns no cars; the one that has the hotel industry on the run owns no rooms. Such are the standard tributes to the radical business models of Uber and Airbnb. Something else they lack, despite putative valuations of $68bn and $30bn respectively, is public listings. For good or ill, this is innovation too, and part of a trend that reaches beyond the technology sector.

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Asset managers face corporate governance crackdown

 14 November 2016

 Investment groups are facing a corporate governance crackdown as pressure mounts on the way asset managers vote on pay and monitor issues such as board independence and company strategy.

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Third of businesses do not meet corporate governance requirements

 13 November 2016

 Compliance with the corporate governance code among Britain's largest listed companies is rising, but more than a third of companies are still failing to meet its requirements.

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Modern robber barons ride wave of M&A deals

 30 October 2016

 In the unlikely event of ever being asked to name an economist on the TV quiz show Pointless, one could do worse than nominate either of the wonderfully obscure Orris Herfindahl or Albert Hirschman.

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Investment trusts come back into fashion

 28 October 2016

It is no coincidence that as part of his fightback against the asset management "system", Daniel Godfrey - the ousted chief executive of the UK's asset management trade body - will launch an investment trust.

Once maligned and dismissed as a nerdy, old-fashioned way to invest, the world's oldest collective investment vehicles have undergone a reinvention as vehicles for esoteric and disruptive new asset classes.

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Funds vow to vote against appointments to boards lacking women

 12 October 2016

Jupiter Asset Management and Old Mutual Global Investors have committed to vote against board appointments in companies that do not have enough women executives.

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Two-thirds of UK investors say stocks overvalued

More UK investment professionals think shares and bonds are overvalued that at any time in the past four years - a shift in sentiment that their industry body attributes partly to the UK's Brexit vote and US election worries.

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Activist funds change tack to fill up board seats

Shareholder activists have targeted far fewer companies so far this year, yet they have won a record number of board seats as they focus more on changing companies from within, according to Lazard research.

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Absolute return funds: an absolute waste of time?

 17 September 2016

Funds that promise to shelter investors from volatile markets can charge high fees

Absolute Return funds have exploded in popularity over the past two years as retail investors have flocked to invest, drawn by the promise that these funds will provide returns in all market conditions.

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