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Russell Napier, 'The Long Flight Of The Mole: Central Banks, Perpetual Non-Interest Bearing Debt And The Death Of Commercial Banking', The Solid Ground




Russell Napier, 'O Come, O Come Emmanuel: France's Debt-to-GDP Rises By 39% In Two Quarters, Germany's By 14%', The Solid Ground.

Russell Napier, 'Magic Money Tree Theory: It Isn't Santa That's Comin' To Town', The Solid Ground



Russell Napier, 'Say Hello, Wave Goodbye: How The Blue-Collar Wave Just Changed The World', The Solid Ground

Andrew Milligan, 'Letter From Edinburgh'

William Dinning, 'A Case For Robotics And Automation Companies In Japan'



Russell Napier, 'Of Hope, Joy & The Accelerating Wealth Transfer To The YoungThe Solid Ground

Andrew Milligan, 'A Billion Here, A Billion There'



Andrew Milligan, 'Why Quality Matters More Than Quantity'

Andrew Milligan, 'The Decisive Races Of 2020's US Election Remain On A Knife Edge'

Russell Napier, 'The Train Now Arriving At The Finland Station - Discounting Regime Change', The Solid Ground

William Dinning, 'The End Of Abenomics?'

Russell Napier, 'Chimes At Midnight: Cap Day Cometh', The Solid Ground



William Dinning, 'A 'K' Shaped Recovery: Are Stock Markets Facing Bubble Trouble?

Andrew Milligan, 'Board Games'. 

Andrew Milligan, 'Alternative Funds Need To Prove More Than Theoretical Benefits'.

Russell Napier, 'Of Communism And Hard Money: Quantitative Tightening In China Continues', The Solid Ground

William Dinning, 'What's Going On In Fixed Income?'

Russell Napier, 'Free Range Money And The Taxpayer's Yatch: Global Broad Money Growth Reaches A 32-Year High', The Solid Ground



Russell Napier, 'There Be Dragons: The Myth Of The Deficit Myth', The Solid Ground

William Dinning, 'Global Outlook - July 2020'



William Dinning, 'Global Outlook: The Markets'

William Dinning, 'Do We Have A Solvency Problem?'

Russell Napier, 'The Dawning Of The Age Of Inflation', The Solid Ground

William Dinning, 'Navigating The New Stagflation'



William Dinning, 'Are Gilts Safe?'

Russell Napier, 'The Clash: The Pen Is Mightier Than The Printing Press', The Solid Ground



Russell Napier, 'Deflation or Inflation?: In This ‘Winter’ Why Financial History Knows More About The ‘Impossible Things’The Solid Ground

William Dinning, 'Upstairs Downstairs' is now 'Home and Away



William Dinning, 'Investing Through The Pandemic'

William Dinning, 'Are We There Yet?'

William Dinning, 'Falling Down'

Russell Napier, 'Eurozone: Alpha or Omega?', The Solid Ground 

William Dinning, 'Comment On Markets And Our Views



Russell Napier, 'Deflation and Financial Repression - The Financial Market Impacts of COVID-19', The Solid Ground

William Dinning, 'An Update On The Impact Of The Coronavirus On Global Markets'

Russell Napier, 'Takahashi's Lament: Europe's Rush for the Helicopter', The Solid Ground

William Dinning, 'The Coronavirus and the Global Outlook'



Jeff Keen, 'Navigating the Coming Bear Market in Fixed Income', Waverton

William Dinning, 'Record Highs and Record Lows

Russell Napier, 'Oil, Money & Gold', The Solid Ground

Russell Napier, 'Europe 2020: The Year of Living Dangerously', The Solid Ground 




Russell Napier, 'David Hume & The PBOC: He Who Laughs Last…. (02/12/19)', The Solid Ground



William Dinning, 'The Election and Markets: Some Scenario Planning'

William Dinning, 'What to do with the 40%? Part Two'

William Dinning, 'Cryptocurrencies: The Good, The Bad and The Bubbly'

William Dinning, 'Gilts - Even More Dangerous'

Russell Napier, 'Modern Monetary Bessies, Financial Repression & The Peril in The Third Knot (12/11/19)',The Solid Ground



Russell Napier, 'Seeing ‘the fifteenth rock’ on October 24th - with Great Power comes Great Competition (21.10.19)',The Solid Ground

Russell Napier, 'Time to ‘do a Larry’: Life, Miss Liberty and The Pursuit of Openness (01/10/19)',The Solid Ground

William Dinning, 'What to look for in the next six weeks



Russell Napier, 'European Savers Beware: The Knitting is on the Wall (24/09/19)',The Solid Ground

William Dinning, 'Free Money – The Negative Yielding Debt Phenomenon'

William Dinning, 'What to do with the 40%?'

Russell Napier, 'The Unbearable Impoliteness of Seeing - Structural Fracture in Europe (03/09/19)',The Solid Ground



Russell Napier, 'Working Without a Net: The Failure of The IMF & The Real Risks of Emerging Market Investing (13/08/19)', The Solid Ground

Russell Napier, 'Newsflash: It’s the balance sheet, Stupid! (02/08/19)', The Solid Ground

 William Dinning, 'What’s the Alternative? Part Two'



Russell Napier, 'A New China: Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad. (17/07/19)', The Solid Ground

 William Dinning, 'What’s the Alternative? Part One'



William Dinning, 'The Cost of Corbynomics'.

Russell Napier, 'The Jolt of The Needle - Record Low Bond Yields & The Earthquake That Follows. (19/06/19)', The Solid Ground.



Russell Napier, 'When is a trade war not a trade war? The Cold War “on the other side of the hill”. (13/05/19)' , The Solid Ground.



Russell Napier, 'Accidents Will Happen But They Are Not Randomly Distributed? (29/04/19)' , The Solid Ground.

Russell Napier, 'Can Dumb and Dumber save the day? (09/04/19)', The Solid Ground.



Russell Napier, 'It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue: Now the Deflation then The Repression (26/03/19)', The Solid Ground.

Russell Napier, 'Back To The Future: Nominal GDP Targeting aka Financial Repression', The Solid Ground.



Russell Napier, ‘Move Again: The Forthcoming Deal and the Rise of Sterling (31/01/19)’, The Solid Ground.

Russell Napier, ‘All Lies and Jests – Quantitative Tightening with Chinese Characteristics (03/01/19)’, The Solid Ground.





Russell Napier, ‘The Long Sanity Clause Rally Begins (10/12/18)’, The Solid Ground.



Russell Napier, ‘1968 And All That: Too Few Shares or Too Little Money? (16/11/18)’, The Solid Ground.

William Dinning, 'Trade War Winners?



Winning Dinning, 'October Wobble is not Recession Signal'



Russell Napier, 'Les Folies Lagarde', The Solid Ground.

William Dinning, 'Emerging Market Bear Market Coming to an end?'



Russell Napier, Bringing up The Bodies in Emerging Markets, The Solid Ground.

Russell Napier, Turkey - Is repudiation the new normal?, The Solid Ground.



Russell Napier, ‘More money means more problems - at least outside the US’, The Solid Ground.

William Dinning, What’s the Alternative? Part Two An introduction to the wide range of real assets and financial strategies available in the world of Alternatives                                                                                                              

Russell Napier, ‘China – A Country Matures, An Exchange Rate Declines’, The Solid Ground.



Russell Napier, ‘Strong’s Ghost and a Failure to Communicate’, The Solid Ground.

William Dinning, ‘What’s the Alternative? (Part one) Why non-traditional assets are attractive and why all  investors need to consider  them carefully



Russell Napier, ‘Damn the Torpedoes - Jay Powell’, The Solid Ground.

Tommy Faber and William Dinning, ‘Electric Vehicles—the pros, the cons and Tesla’ 

William Dinning, ‘Is there a war on? 1940 is the last time the dividend yield on UK stocks was this much higher than the gilt yield



Russell Napier, 'Japan, Paper Money and Certainty of Abuse' , The Solid Ground.