Articles by CFI Advisors 2018


Russell Napier, ‘More money means more problems - at least outside the US’, The Solid Ground.

William Dinning, What’s the Alternative? Part Two An introduction to the wide range of real assets and financial strategies available in the world of Alternatives                                                                                                              

Russell Napier, ‘China – A Country Matures, An Exchange Rate Declines’, The Solid Ground.



Russell Napier, ‘Strong’s Ghost and a Failure to Communicate’, The Solid Ground.

William Dinning, ‘What’s the Alternative? (Part one) Why non-traditional assets are attractive and why all  investors need to consider  them carefully



Russell Napier, ‘Damn the Torpedoes - Jay Powell’, The Solid Ground.

Tommy Faber and William Dinning, ‘Electric Vehicles—the pros, the cons and Tesla’ 

William Dinning, ‘Is there a war on? 1940 is the last time the dividend yield on UK stocks was this much higher than the gilt yield



Russell Napier, 'Japan, Paper Money and Certainty of Abuse' , The Solid Ground.