CFI Debate 2020

 This House is prepared to dispense helicopter money

The Centre for Finance and Investment (CFI), invites financial practitioners, alumni, students and members to join us for the CFI Debate on 6th February 2020 at Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton Campus.

“This House is prepared to dispense helicopter money”

Since the Global Financial Crisis, economies and financial markets have received support in the form of unconventional monetary policy. Quantitative Easing and record low, or even negative, interest rates are in operation across the developed world. But growth remains slow and political discontent is very high. Policymakers may need to do more.

Milton Friedman used the term “helicopter money” to describe the supply of money direct to the public as if dropping it from a helicopter. Have we reached the point where the use of helicopter money is worth trying? Will helicopters appear during the next economic recession or before? How many helicopters will we need?

The motion for this debate advocates the use of such a policy.

For the motion:
Bill Blain, Strategist at Shard Capital, and writer of the Morning Porridge Financial Commentary and Podcasts
Eric Lonergan, M&G Investments & The Philosophy of Money

Against the motion:
Russell Napier, Independent Investment Strategist & Keeper of The Library of Mistakes
Bill Dinning, Chief Investment Officer, Waverton Investment Management

Heather McGregor, Executive Dean, Edinburgh Business School

Join us on the 6th February 2020 when the Centre for Finance and Investment (CFI) in the Edinburgh Business School will debate the issue of providing nervous financial markets with government support in the presence of the high level of political uncertainty which has become the new normal.

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