Accounting Economics and Finance Research Databases

We currently have access to the following databases:

Bloomberg Terminals

Twelve terminals in a dedicated ‘Finance Lab’ are now in room Mary Burton G. An additional access terminal is located in the Esmee Fairburn building. These allow access to cross-asset, real-time data and historical time series analysis in all markets including Equity, Fixed Income and FX. They enable the integration of industry-leading data, research, news and analytics into teaching, faculty research, CFA Institute Research Challenge and student managed investment funds. 

Access to Bloomberg Terminals is currently unavailable due to Coronavirus restrictions.

ORBIS Bank Focus (Formerly Bankscope) - Bureau Van Dijk

A comprehensive, global database of public and private banks' financial statements, ratings and intelligence (Europe, North America, Japan, Russia, and 'others'). Bankscope also provides reports, news and detailed ownership information and bank structures. More detail on coverage is available at


Fame A - Bureau Van Dijk

Contains financial, company and business intelligence information on 7 million active and not-active listed and private UK and Irish companies. As well as company financials, Fame has business and company news, market research, credit ratings, financial strength indicators, corporate CCJs, directors and additional contracts, images of original (scanned) filings and detailed corporate structures. More detail on coverage is available at

BoardEx (Relationship Capital Management)

Contains biographical information on most board members and senior executives around the world. Approximately 25% of the individuals are currently serving on boards of companies and 75% are either board members or part of the C-Suite. These individuals are associated with over 800,000 global organisations. New leaders are being added continuously including over 100,000 new people annually representing turnover in key organisational roles in the world’s largest companies. More detail on coverage is available at

Datastream - Thomson Reuters

Standard subscription to this substantial global database on finance, economics and accounting data.

Access to Datastream labs is currently unavailable due to Coronavirus restrictions.

OSIRIS - Bureau Van Dijk

Information on listed, and major unlisted/delisted, companies around the world. Information includes more than financial reports: Company financials in a standardised and “as reported” formats,

  • Restated reports
  • Ratings
  • SEC filings via Edgar Online and other regulatory filings
  • Searchable corporate actions and dividends
  • Detailed earnings estimates and buy/sell recommendations
  • Country profiles and outlook from the EIU
  • Directors and contacts
  • Images of annual and interim reports plus corporate and social responsibility documents
  • Detailed stock data
  • Detailed corporate structures
  • Market research
  • Business and company-related news
  • M&A deals and rumours
  • Directors section including biographies
  • Very detailed information on companies’ activities

More detail at:

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) - European Climate Exchange (ECX) Transaction Database

Intra-daily (tick-by-tick) transaction data on European Union Allowance (EUA) and Certified Emission Reduction (CER) futures and options since market inception in January 2005 to 30 June 2017. (See Boulis Ibrahim.)

End-of-day LIFFE Euronext Equity Options

Daily transaction data on London Stock Exchange equity and equity index options and futures, from 2001 to 2010 inclusive. (See Boulis Ibrahim.)