Global M&A activity hits new high; A surge in dealmaking, but fees are down; Buyout shops take aim at public companies; Chinese IPOs hit multiyear high

Date published: 28 September 2018

Eric Platt in New York and FT reporters

A set of stories on global investment activity

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Investment winners and losers 10 years after the crash

Date published: 14 September 2018

Kate Beioley

This week marked 10 years since the collapse of Lehman Brothers triggered a global financial meltdown and changed the landscape for investors. But which investments have performed strongest since the financial crisis?

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UK facing ‘crisis of capitalism’, says Archbishop of Canterbury

Date published: 08 September 2018

George Parker, Political Editor

Executive pay and unrepentant bankers symptoms of system; Bankers still have sense of ‘cultural entitlement’; Growing public anger is fuelling extremism

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This is not an EM-wide crisis — yet

Date published: 07 September 2018

Timothy Ash

Reading the press it is clear that everyone is now an expert on emerging markets. The doom-mongers are out en masse.

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Today’s passive investing would just confuse Adam Smith

Date published: 17 August 2018

Merryn Somerset Webb

This week I did something rather exciting. I hosted the first conversation about politics and economics at Adam Smith’s only surviving home — Panmure House in Edinburgh — since 1790, which was the year Smith died.

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Pay for UK’s top bosses climbs 11%

Date published: 14 August 2018

Hannah Murphy

The chief executives of the UK’s biggest listed companies received an 11 per cent raise last year pushing their median pay up to £3.93m, according to a report which found that full-time workers received a 2 per cent rise over the same period.

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‘Investors should buy into record global dividend haul’

Date published: 23 May 2018

Kate Beioley

Dividends paid by companies across the world reached a record high in the first quarter of the year, prompting experts to recommend that investors expand their holdings in global income funds.

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Bull markets do not end this way

14 February 2018

Ken Fisher

Bull markets do not end this way. The recent sell off indicates abundant new highs ahead. Corrections are predictive.

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Bitcoin dives as regulators call for cryptos to be reined in

09 February 2018

Martin Arnold and Chloe Cornish

They have been branded a Ponzi scheme, a tax dodge and an environmental disaster — and that is merely a fraction of the criticism that regulators have thrown at cryptocurrencies in the past week alone.

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The wrong obituary has been written for the US IPO

Date published: 02 February 2018

Robin Wigglesworth

In January TechCrunch, as close as you will get to an in-house blog of the technology industry, wrote an obituary of the initial public offering. It has plenty of company in declaring the death of the American IPO.

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Blockchain explainer: a revolution only in its infancy

02 February 2018

Hannah Murphy and Philip Stafford

The word blockchain has been the equivalent of financial fairy dust in recent weeks, adding tens of millions of dollars to the market value of companies, including former camera pioneer Kodak Eastman, that have announced a project involving the technology or simply added it to their names.

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Active fund managers beat market by just 16p for every £100 invested

28 January 2018

Owen Walker

Pension schemes that used active fund managers over the past quarter of a century were rewarded . . . but only by 16p a year for every £100 they invested.

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