Two-thirds of UK investors say stocks overvalued

More UK investment professionals think shares and bonds are overvalued that at any time in the past four years - a shift in sentiment that their industry body attributes partly to the UK's Brexit vote and US election worries.

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Activist funds change tack to fill up board seats

Shareholder activists have targeted far fewer companies so far this year, yet they have won a record number of board seats as they focus more on changing companies from within, according to Lazard research.

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Absolute return funds: an absolute waste of time?

 17 September 2016

Funds that promise to shelter investors from volatile markets can charge high fees

Absolute Return funds have exploded in popularity over the past two years as retail investors have flocked to invest, drawn by the promise that these funds will provide returns in all market conditions.

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Asset management: Actively failing

 17 July 2016

By Stephen Foley, Source: 

To an audience of financial advisers who had come to hear the hottest stock tips from the big stars of the fund management industry, it was a startling thing to say: "If somebody asked me to make the argument for active management, I would find it difficult given the statistics."

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Hedge Funds: Overpriced, underperforming

 25 May 2016

The hedge fund industry, which promised stellar returns in exchange for hefty fees, has ballooned over the past decade thanks to pension funds. Now institutional investors are taking a second look at the costs. By John Authers and Mary Childs

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