Research Interests

 Andrew Adams

Pricing and risk assessment of closed-end fund shares; market efficiency; direct and indirect property investment; football club finance, in particular fan ownership.

Mustafa Caglayan

(a) financial market frictions and firm behaviour (capital investment, R&D investment, cash holdings, inventories); (b) financial markets, bank loans, financial market volatility and transmission of monetary policy; (c) Peer to peer lending (d) exchange rates and international trade; (e) corruption.

David Cobham

Substantial interests in European monetary integration, central bank independence, financial systems and Middle Eastern economies. He is currently engaged on a major project on the classification of monetary policy frameworks in 'advanced', 'emerging' and 'developing' economies.

Andrea Eross

Liquidity risk contagion, propagation of endogenous risk, financial crises and the Basel regulations. Other research interests include financial bubbles, cryptocurrencies and P2P protocols.

Edward Jones

(a) Company investment decisions; (b) Corporate growth opportunities; (c) Mergers and acquisitions; (d) Market efficiency; (e) Agency costs; (f) Investor sentiment

Mo Sherif

Entrepreneurial and behavioural finance, stock trading strategies and asset pricing.

Nana Kofi Agyei (PhD Student)

Co-movement of liquidity between financial assets specifically, the European Union Allowances and the Certified Emission Reductions both trading on the European Climate Exchange. I also have an interest in time series econometrics.

Nana Abena Kwansa (PhD Student)

Capital structure, agency cost and internationalisation, specifically how internationalisation affect financing behaviour of multinational firms.