11th November 2010

Professor Richard Taffler (Warwick Business School)

“Do analysts know but not say? The case of going-concern opinions” 

3rd February 2011

Iordanis Kalaitzoglou (Coventry University) and Boulis Ibrahim

“Does order flow in the European carbon allowances market reveal information?” 

8th February 2011

Professor Seth Armitage (University of Edinburgh) and Janusz Brzeszczynski

"Heteroscedasticity and interval effects in estimating beta: UK evidence" 

3rd March 2011

Andy Adams and Professor Robin Angus (Personal Assets Trust)

“Investment trust discounts were abolished on 8 November 1999. Why do we still have them?” 

24th March 2011

Professor David Hillier (Strathclyde Business School)

“Do audit committees reduce the agency costs of ownership structure?”

12th May 2011

Santhosh Abraham and Professor Claire Marston

“Annual-report risk disclosure decision usefulness: views of users and preparers”

26th May 2011

Professor Peter Spencer (University of York)

"What do macro-finance models of the gilt-edged market tell us about UK macroeconomic volatility?"