CFI Seminar Series 2015/16

Semester 1
Monday 19th October 2015 Arman Eshraghi, (University of Edinburgh), “Overconfidence, Active Share and Investment Performance”.
Monday 26th October 2015 Sara Ward (Manchester Metropolitan University), “Mutuality and German Football - an Exemplar of Sustainable Sport Governance Structures”.
Monday 9th November 2015 Felix Fuders, (Instituto de Economía, FACEA, Universidad Austral de Chile), "The Central Bank’s dilemma, the Inflation-Deflation Paradox and a new interpretation of the Kondratieff waves".
Monday 23rd November 2015 David McMillan, (Stirling University), “Stock market predictability and the role of inflation: a non-linear approach”.
Semester 2
Monday 1st February 2016 Angelica Gonzalez, (University of Edinburgh). “Female Cooperation and Firm Performance: Evidence from China”.
Friday 19th February 2016 Owain Ap Gwilym, (Bangor University), "Unsolicited sovereign ratings and an unintended consequence of regulation".
Monday 29th February 2016

Konstantin Kamp, (Heriot-Watt University). "Empire Building: A GARCH based event study".

Anthony Kyiu, (Heriot-Watt University), “Investor protection, stock market efficiency and corporate earnings in common law African countries”.

Monday 21st March 2016 Ian MacNeil, (University of Glasgow) and Pierre de Gioia-Carabellese (Heriot-Watt University). “Top management, standards of conduct and responsibility in the financial sector”.

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